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noise induced hearing loss

Links and Resources 

This page sets out some links to other useful websites for people who are interested in learning more about noise induced hearing loss or finding ways to help anyone who is hard of hearing. None of the links in this list are affiliate links – in other words, we do not receive any financial benefit for providing their details. We do not specifically endore any of these organisations more that the others. We have simply put them into this list, because we hope that they may be of some use and value to our readers. If you would like us to add another link, please email the details here.

Action on Hearing Loss 

Formerly the RNID, this charity provides a very detailed website with many helpful resources including ways to help them fund raise.


This is the page from Scope, dealing with hearing impairment and assistance

Hearing Link

Hearing Link provide an amazing resource with lots of links to other helpful websites too

National Deaf Childrens Society

This is a useful link for people interested in helping deaf children. Little relevance in the context of noise induced hearing loss claims.

British Deaf Association

Britians largest deaf charity, run by deaf people, for deaf people

Royal Association for Deaf People

Provide assistance for deaf people, including the provision of interpreters


Signal are a deafness awareness charity who provide assistance to hard of hearing people all over the world

Sign Health

Sign Health are a charity committed to providing deaf people with more information about their general health and well being

Hear 2 Work

An excellent blog about working while managing deafness. Includes a great article about tinnitus

British Tinnitus Association

Information and support for people suffering from tinnitus, including a well used forum for keeping in touch with other sufferers

Living with Hearing Loss

A passionate blog with ideas and tips for helping cope with being hard of hearing. This is a wonderful post with suggestions for choosing a restaurant table.

Health and Safety Executive – Noise at Work

This is an excellent resource with lots of information about noise induced hearing loss and advice for workers and employers on avoiding hearing loss at work

European Agency for Health and Safety at Work

Loads of information about noise in the workplace, including noise reduction measures and links to relevant European Directives and noise induced hearing loss regulations

Irish Health and Safety Authority

A very comprehensive resouce with information about noise levels and how maintenence of machinery can reduce noise effectively

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) (USA)

A huge American resource with infomration about industrial hearing loss and suggestions for noise and hearing loss prevention

Guide to managing noise at work

This is a very helpful and easy to follow guide from the RVT group

2 Way Radio Online

This is an excellent resource with a link to 72 other amazing blogs on health and safety worth checking out